Carolyn fell and fractured 3 bones in her
shoulder.She is going in for shoulder
replacement surgery on April 6.
She will be unable to do readings until further
notice. Please check back in a week or two.
Please do not order readings at this time.











Diamond Moon My new paranormal supense thriller,
Diamond Moon
The third in a series of 12 novels
that will comprise
The Year of the Gemstone Moons 
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Hello, my name is
Many of you know me as
Madam Carolyn,
the name that I use at the Renaissance Festivals
 that I do.
I am a Psychic Palmist, a Tarot Reader, and a
Crystal Ball Reader. 
I hope that you will enjoy my site.
Click on the "
enter" below or one of the links to the left
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Carolyn has a new children's book
Harriet and the Low-down, No-good Dragon

Available in my store along side my Palmistry Book
Psychic PalmistryRevealed By Madam Carolyn