After I psychically "saw" a burglary for three consecutive days in 1967, it occurred. That's when I began studying psychic experiences. My first teacher was an American Indian Shaman who taught me palmistry.  From her, I learned that psychic experiences are normal, and that for the most part "they are drummed out of our dear little heads."  But they are a natural occurrence and everybody has them and we can be retrained to use them.

It is believed that palmistry originated in India and moved across Europe as roving bands of Gypsies moved around the world.  My study of Gypsy Folklore, as well as the secrets of the Hindu, Oriental, and European methods of palmistry, as well as my own psychic sense and years of experience have helped me develop a style "all my own" 

As I hold the hand of the person I'm reading, I not only read their lines, but I "see" pictures relating to that person's life. I see their talents, the direction they should be taking, how to find and focus on their dreams. I see the palm as a map. As I practice my craft, I try to help people to get in touch with their map. As with all maps, roads diverge.  I don't believe that the future is written in Stone, but I believe that I can show you the best and most probable future.  I believe we all have psychic abilities, and the psychic energy that I use as a palmist is an energy that everyone can tap into and use.

I am doing or have done Renaissance Festivals  in Florida, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, and the Carolinas as

"Madam Carolyn"

and have read for thousands of people there, through the mail, and by phone. I have also appeared on numerous radio programs.  Check out My Schedule page to see where I am. It also contains links to the Festivals I do.

For many years, I have been studying Sculpture and have done several figures.  People who have come to my home for readings, have admired them and have said I should put them on the Web.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Check them out on My Art page

Check out my services for Palm, Tarot, and Crystal Ball Readings.  You can even send your palm prints to me by Fax and I will call you, do a reading, and send you a tape of that reading.  

I have some new products for sale - Check out crystal balls, my teaching tape, my new Psychic Development Video, and hematite rings in the store.   You can see my Coffee Mug there also.  A list of books that I recommend for further reading also there. 

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